unsecured debt when spouse dies

Deceased Spouse in a Community Property State: Who is ...
Feb 19, 2010 . When a husband or wife dies in a community property state the surviving . Other unsecured debt such as old utility bills, signature loans, and .

Your unsecured (credit card) debt dies when you die (usually ...
This comes up when someone dies with credit card debt and the credit . state, then the spouse MAY be responsible for the unsecured debt.

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If a spouse dies and had unknown individual unsecured credit debt ...
If a spouse dies and had unknown individual unsecured credit debt is the surviving spouse responsible for paying these credit cards or medical bills? In: Law .

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In Georgia if a spouse dies and leaves bills in their name is the ...
If a spouse dies without a will and no funds, any bill in his name alone is not payable. . If the deceased had unsecured debts in their name only, and the married .

Can Deceased Spouse Debt Affect Your Credit? | PrivacyMatters.com
Deceased Spouse Debt: Who is Responsible? How Is Your Credit Affected if Your Spouse Dies? Bookmark and Share. It's hard enough when you lose a loved .

Dealing with Credit Card Debt when Your Husband or Wife Dies ...
Oct 22, 2008 . Dealing with debt can seem like an insurmountable task when you are grieving. Breaking the problem into smaller steps makes it easier to .

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Credit Card Debt Liability - Credit Card | Ask MetaFilter
I was wondering whether, in the event of my death, my wife would be liable for its repayment. . How can they force your widow to pay for an unsecured debt? . After someone dies their estate will be responsible for paying off .

North Carolina State Laws for Credit Card Debt When Someone Dies
If your parent or spouse dies owing money, his creditors can file claims against... Laws on Civil Suits for Unsecured Debt in North Carolina. Civil suits for .

What Happens to Debt When a Person Dies? | eHow.com
If a person dies and he has no money and no assets, then the debts are canceled out. . In some cases, a husband or wife can be held liable for the debts of their spouse. . What Happens When a Deceased Person Has Unsecured Debt?

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What Can Happen When You Don't Pay Your Credit Card Debt?
If a spouse dies and leaves credit card debt is the other spouse liable to pay it if it is unsecured debt and they were only listed as a 'user' not the one who .

Am I responsible for the unsecured credit card debt of my deceased ...
Jun 1, 2009 . My spouse recently passed away. Am I responsible for an unsecured credit card debt; my name is not on this account. Answer: When a person .

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Can a debt collector sue my wife or husband for my debt?
Can a debt collector sue my spouse for my delinquent debt. . Debt Kit -- Settle unsecured debts for less than half of amount owed · Debt > Frequently Asked .



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